Height Adjustable Table

As a high quality supplier of Electric Desk Leg Frames/Tables, Rolling Standing height adjustable tables and Mobile Laptop Carts, CDG supplies various types of Height Adjustable office desk products to meet all your needs.

CDG's electric height adjustable desk frame series come with a sleek and sturdy structure which is height adjustable, width expandable and endurable. We offer a desking solution for hassle-free setup with lifting technology incorporated and movement controlled by an easy fingertip touch. With the smart control Memory Function, it is remarkably easy to switch between sitting and standing or any preferable height without interrupting workflow. Simply just pick a desktop and you are all set to go!

ED02-Leg Electric Height Adjustable Table Frame - It can quickly and quietly adjusts the table from an impressive top height of 49.4" to lowest height of 23.4". The continuous height adjustment allows you to find the perfect setting for you whether you are sitting or standing, so you're one click away from the perfect height.

ED03-Leg Electric Height Adjustable Table Frame - Perfect designed for corner space or partition, applicable to either L-shaped tabletops at right angle (90°) wide open closure or C-shaped desktop opening 120° wide. An L-desk frame that stands steady, but moves with ease.

C.D. Great provides various Height adjustable Mobile Laptop Stand Desk Rolling Carts. Rolling standing cart, adjustable standing desk is perfect for home use or for office. Mobile laptop cart is ideal for those sitting at sofa, chair or on bed with their laptop. Adjustable laptop desk cart with rolling design makes so easy to move around and adjustable height design allows users to use laptop, tablet or work and read in a comfortable and convenient way. Rolling desk / adjustable table cart has multiple functions. It can be used as laptop workstation, projector stand, presentation cart, work desk, reading desk, simple dining table, serving table for reading, writing, drawing, board games, models, puzzles, arts, etc. Assembly is easy with all required tools included with detailed instructions.

Mobile laptop cart is a great option when you don't have a lot of space which takes up very little room to store the desk cart. The desk cart can change from a setting to standing for less a minute, and better yet, the top surface table is adjustable. Our Adjustable Mobile Laptop Stand Desk Rolling Cart series is the perfect adjustable station for home office, homeschooling, home/office/ school use, conference rooms, training rooms, lectures. Mobile laptop cart is the best choice to offer convenience.

SP902/SP903 Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Desk Cart with Large Table and Locking Wheels - provide a convenient surface for work or leisure activities, without taking over your space. With a built-in gas spring that offers SP902 Rolling Standing Carts moving quickly, one-handed adjustment to any height in between 30" - 46" (76 - 116 cm) and the desktop can easily tilt up to 45 degrees by knob design. Adjust SP903 Mobile Laptop Carts by "tension spring" mechanism and baffle design to pretend items from sliding. Enjoy smooth-gliding motility for ease movement and stability.

SP905 Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Bedside Table Cart - rises and lowers easily by gas spring mechanism, making it user friendly for all ages and suitable for both home and institutional use. Users are able to adjust the height to multiple sitting spaces, only by squeezing the handle. This Rolling standing Cart is also equipped with desktop can tilt up to 45 degrees, side table with cup holder, smooth mobility and stable footing.

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