Quality Management

C.D. Great Industry endeavors to provide high-quality and functional ergonomic products in supply with a more comfortable and healthier working environment. In order to meet each customer’s expectation, every step of the manufacturing process is monitored under supervision so that quality and safety standard is guaranteed.

In addition to our quality control inspecting team composed by well-trained professionals, CDG has its own Testing Lab facilities equipped with fatigue, hardness, endurance and hoisting capability testers and many more to ensure the best quality provided. Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) is laid out in detail and strictly abided by at each stage leading to proven efficiency and accuracy in mass production.

Laboratory Equipment

  • RoHS Analyzer
  • Color Assessment
    Light Box
  • Hardness Tester
  • Horizontal
  • Salt Spray Chamber
  • Load Weight Tester
  • Thrust Testing
  • Weight Checks

On requests, CDG also works very closely with each of our customers to ensure the high quality is always guaranteed on every possible aspect including specific packaging requirement like ISTA standards or furniture compliance and engineering standards like BIFMA and many more; bearing safety, durability and sustainability in mind can we then design and develop products which are refined and tested over and over again and withstand any third party inspection against internationally-recognized standards and industrial requirements.


CDG will never agree to use or adopt any hazardous ingredients in producing any of our products. RoHS and/or REACH standards are strictly complied and our customers can be reassured with accesses to reports of such.


Safety promise does not stop the moment products are shipped out from CDG. Our packaging is tested and protection proved with drop testing, and some are further tested and confirmed compliance with ISTA 6 standard certified by SGS, a Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory (NRTL) recognized testing organization.


Specifications of each design is measured and inspected to ensure the products are made fit for and beyond purposes in terms of their functionality and practicality. Cycle tests are run intensively to prove appropriate performance delivered as a norm even with the time.

Customer Satisfaction

C.D. Great Furniture also specializes in OEM/ODM projects to meet each of your special needs from not only manufacturing, but also outsourcing. We offer quality products with competitive pricing to help our customer take leading position in their targeted market. From design, manufacturing to after sales service, CDG is dedicated to delivering the most satisfactory experience as possible for each individual customer.

Our Promises

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Quality Assurance
  • On-time Delivery