Our Statement

CDG stands firmly side by side with our global customer base and has always enjoyed our supporting role of brining a design to life as well as bridging between design ideas and end product forms. We take pride in acting as a professional supplier and provider for furniture products and accessories.

Global Customer

Processing Services

Home is where everyone starts his or her day from. CDG also never forgets our roots in Theater and Entertainment Furniture which sits quietly 24-7 but stays fundamentally close to each and everyone in the family despite the age. Coming from where CDG has set out initially, we will always aim and only manufacture products which we feel safe around for our own families too.

  • Tempered Glass CNC cutting, shaping & polishing
  • Wood Board Cutting, Shaping, Veneers or Lamination, Finishing

Moving into computing peripheral product lines, CDG is again inspired by what’s surrounding us most of a day. Offices, work spaces and meeting places are where most people spend about a third of each week day sitting and using computers at work. Unlike furniture pieces with rigid forms like cabinets or consoles, articulating arm product line provides users with flexible movement for monitors and screens to adjust viewing experience according to personal use and avoid posture discomfort. CDG has since identifies the importance and needs to develop furniture and accessories with functionality and flexibility while a great amount of work is heavily relied on engaging with monitors or screens to communicate and interact.

  • Plastic Plastic injection & molding
  • MetalTube bending, Punch Press, Robot Welding, Coating finishes

Fact & Figure

Where are we heading from here? We believe work modes and patterns will become ever more flexible and creative, bringing efficient and effective work outcomes with less hindrance to creativity and innovation, starting by releasing physical stress from limited posture change. The idea is not merely switching from sitting to standing but encouraging interaction and activeness to help make the outmost of the time.

  • Worldwide Delivery
  • Capabilities
    600 containers
    shipped a year
  • Annual Turnover
    20+ million

Standardization & Customization

CDG offers a wide range of products of internationally-recognized standard specifications with selective options. This gives our customers easy start-up in new product development and helps to elaborate the specific requirement at the future customization process. All of our products are made and designed to fit with any existing furniture and most of the big names in the field so as to enhance prevalence, adaption and extension to the existing collection.Custom-made projects are what we do best as far as our customer base is concerned. CDG is capable of meeting various and unique customer needs with best quality assured and competitive costs offered. Spanning from punch press, CNC cutting, robot welding, electronic plating, Glass o r Wood board shaping, painting or coating, packaging to assembly, we adopt and incorporate the most up-to-date manufacturing methods and techniques so as to preventimpairing designers’ creativity and aesthetics in the tailored design and potential.

Profession & Innovation

Ever since the company was established, Research & Development has been of our great importance. We invest a great deal each year in research and development and keep updated with the latest knowledge and trends in the field to put us on a par with the rest of the world. By proactively involved in the international trade fairs for years, engineers and design team at CDG are able to design with forward thinking and present insightful ideas adopting cutting-edge technologies.Designing with customer in mind and working with the specialists in the field in pursuitof perfection, our aim is to become a provider of a variety of options while high durability of each of our product is ensured, easy installation and eye-catching appearance fulfilled.

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