What is RTA or KD furniture?

Ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture, also known as knock-down (KD) furniture, is a form of furniture that requires customer assembly. RTA or KD furniture is designed for easy assembly and made cost-effectively for delivery, display, and storage.

I am interested in incorporating sit-stand products in my office setting to try if it fits my needs. What product will you recommend?

A height-adjustable desk riser or converter is a perfect item for transforming an office desk into a sit-stand desktop. First, the user does not have to dispose any existing furniture. Second, they come pre-assembled and can be set up immediately. No installation is required. Third diversified designs and tabletop choices right now to choose from. For example, CDG’s SP101 offers spacious and robust 36”-wide desktop, which can hold up to 35 lbs and features a stepless height adjustment.

What is commercial or contract furniture?

Contract furniture or commercial furniture is any piece of furniture designed and manufactured for commercial installation at settings such as offices, healthcare institutes, education organizations, restaurants, airports, and hotels. Contract or industrial furniture requires a robust design and make to sustain a high frequency of use or complies with specific industry standards. CDG provides a holistic design and manufacture service to meet each industrial furniture customer's specific requirements.

Why is ergonomics important?

Apart from home, where do people spend most of their time while being awake? The answer is, at work. Research shows that the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. As humans increasingly rely on technological applications to accomplish work, how we can access work essentials more easily has interested many people. Besides, more people pay attention to how well the working and living environment can be arranged to facilitate well-being, interaction and collaboration. These trends have encouraged furniture designers and engineers to provide solutions and to develop practical products and designs to improve how we live, work, and rest. One of the attempts is to design and innovate products with ergonomics in mind.


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Can consumers directly purchase with CDG?

Unfortunately, CDG currently only deals with trade and bulk orders. As much as we appreciate your valuable appraisal of our products, we can’t thank you no more but will help direct you to local dealers or agents to assist with consumer orders if there’s any in the area. CDG will continue to do our best to strengthen global customer bases so it will encompass more worldwide regions to help serve more users and consumers.

What type of customers does CDG normally serve?

In addition to manufacturing for top brands in the ready-to-assemble furniture sector, we work closely with interior or product designers, developers, engineers, and buyers to provide our customers with the professional assistance in design refinement, product development, and mass production. CDG serves as an active supporting role behind all the products we make and we help to make. We take pride in working with our customers through the whole manufacturing process, from the preliminary design to the delivery stage; we pay close attention to each product, component, and part. CDG takes challenges in stride because we believe no great work will ever come easy. We cherish each opportunity of collaborating with our customer. We are always ready to discuss with our potential customers for new RfQs and show our capability of providing great services.

How long is the lead time in general?

Lead time will vary depending on the complexity of the design. For CDG’s collection, the general lead time is between 45-60 CALENDAR DAYS instead of working days, shipping time excluded. For customized designs, lead time may take longer for the 1st order, taking molding or tooling time in to accounts, and will then maintain the general lead time as 45-60 calendar days as a norm.

What trade terms does CDG normally offer?

As stated in our quotation, CDG’s quotes are primarily based on FOB –Taichung terms with FCL or LCL shipments. Other charges may apply if any other port of departure is assigned by the purchaser. EX-work terms can also be requested for any POs as long as MOQ requirement is fulfilled.

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