Portable Laptop Desk

Here’s a unique desk that takes up every little room. It changes from a sitting to standing desk and the maintop surface is tilt adjustable. There’s even a wheel design. You get a lot for such a little piece of furniture! C.D. Great provides various Portable Laptop Standing Desk. They are perfect for home or home school use.

Not only a piece of furniture but also help to develop healthy habits

45° Tilting Angle + Anti-slip Cushion

Find your better viewing experience and relieve shoulder and neck pain by adjusting the main desktop tilting angle with a knob.

Adjusting Desk to a Proper Height

Ideally, average table should be between 28 to 30 inches in height for a comfortable seating position. However, we provide more than the standard which has a manual height adjustable mechanism from 24.5 to 38 inches (SP901), 27.5 to 41 inches (SP905), 30 to 35 inches(SP908), 24 to 36 inches(SP909) that allows users to work/rest/study comfortably with customized table height.

Mobility that Add Flexibility to Space

No space-no problem! Making the most out of the small room with portable laptop desk. You can move it whenever and wherever you need it.

People like to do work/leisure/school in random places such as the living room, back porch, or bedroom. This mobile table gives them the opportunity to do that with a surface to write on and it even has a cup holder.

Portable Laptop Desk with wheel design makes so easy to move around and adjustable height design allows users to use laptop, tablet or work and read in a comfortable and convenient way. It can be used as laptop workstation, projector stand, presentation cart, work desk, reading desk, simple dining table, serving table for reading, writing, drawing, board games, models, puzzles, arts, etc. Assembly is easy with all required tools included with detailed instructions.

We provide various types of Portable Laptop Standing Carts:

SP901 Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Desk Cart with side table - is an easy addition desk cart to your office or home for its multi-tasking capabilities. Available in Steel/ MDF/Glass Platform with side table, cup holder and frame made by high-quality steel structure enhances load-bearing capacity. SP901 Rolling Standing Cart transforms underutilized spaces into active and flexible work environments.

SP908/SP909 Height Adjustable Rolling Laptop Desk Cart with Extra Storage Area- Movable height adjustment table with storage area carts help to organize items at home or office. Simply adjust the knob to control the height. Equipped with a side basket and shelves for you to store magazines, books or newspapers, keep them well organized and close to your hand. Great home helper as sofa side table, end table, bedside table, computer desk, night stand, kitchen trolley.