Classic / 2-tier Sit-Stand Workstation with Single or Dual Monitors Arm Set

Product Code SP203

Enjoy the ability to stand and comfortably work with the SP203 Classic / 2-tier sit stand desk mount! SP203 is offered with simple and classic design concept which will fit in user’s daily working environment nicely. The products’ powerful functionality can help users to easily adjust their positions from sitting to standing or to personalize his or her work settings to comfortable heights with flexible vertical and horizontal movements. Apart from extra work space is instantly provided by mounting on the top of the existing desktop, the working surfaces are designed to move with and around the users to stimulate more interaction and reduce physical limitation.

SP203 is made primarily with steel and iron parts. Whilst all the functionality remains pretty much the same as Premium and Signature series, different selection of materials and alternative finish options make Compact series the most cost-effective Sit-Stand Workstation with single/dual monitor arm through our collection.

  • Easy uplift spring-assisted height adjustment
  • Fits single monitor up to 32 inches, and dual monitors up to 27 inches
  • Monitor capacity: Single or dual up to 17 lbs(8 kgs)
  • Total capacity including monitors and work surface: Single or dual total up to 27 lbs (12 kgs)
  • Work surface lifting range up to 17.7 inches (450mm)
  • Monitor lifting range up to 7.8 inches (200mm) along the column
  • The swing arm swivels 180° wide and 360° fluid movement
  • Monitor tilt from +20° to -20° for ideal viewing angle
  • VESA Mounts rotates up to 360° for portrait and landscape orientation
  • Colors provided in Black, Silver, White
  • Framework material: Steel & Iron

ErgonomicHeight adjustability helps easy switches between sitting and standing.

VarietyAvailable in single or dual monitor application.

AccessibilityStay active and engaged with the wokstation moving with and around you, accessible from one side to the other.  

FlexibilityFlexible adjustment is offered by individual monitor rotation as well as tilt moderation.

FunctionalityDual-monitor arm also acts as a sliding track for users to easily adjust the horizontal distance between monitors to allow comfortable and personal user experience. .

PersonalizationIndividual monitor height can be adjusted to cater for users at various builds, by using the twisted knob at the back to move up and down to the desired height. 

Spacious Workspace A top work surface and secondary keyboard tray are equipped for notes-taking, data inputs, multitasking and other more interaction. 

OrganizationalCable management covers and outlets are provided and integrated along the mount base to conceal the wiring. 

Easy Installation3-part installation can be easily achieved in less than 10 mins. 


Monitor Compatibility (S) up to 32"; (D) up to 27" per monitor

Monitor Capacity(S) (D) up to 17 lbs / 8 kgs

Total Payload Capacity
 (S) (D) up to 27 lbs/12.2 kgs

Product Lifting Range480 mm/18.9"

Individual Monitor Lifting Range
220 mm/8.7"

Individual Monitor Rotation(S) (D) 360°

Individual Monitor Tilt(S) (D) ±20°

Desktop Thickness20-90 mm/0.7"-3.5"

Top Worksurface Dimension305 mm D x 570 mm W (12" x 22.4")

Retractable Keyboard Platform Dimension240 mm D x 630 mm W (9.4" x 24.8")

Worksurface MaterialPVC finish on MDF

Central Column & Monitor Arm MaterialIron parts

  • Adjust manually and stay put at where positioned.
  • Monitor height adjustable manually with the twisted knob.
  • No electricity required. Environmentally-friendly.

【Standard Pack including】
Mount Base x 1 set
Central Column x 1 set
2-tier Worksurface x 1set
Single or Dual Monitor holder set x 1 set
Vesa Plate x 1 or 2 pcs



Order with:

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  • Premium / 2-tier Sit-Stand Workstation
  • Premium 1 Top / 1-tier Sit-Stand Workstation