Tablet Holder Mount & Mobile Phone Stand

CDG design and produce mobile phone/ tablet holder mount and mobile phone/ tablet floor stand to Free Your Hand! They are convenient for users to use their mobile device anywhere without other support. Our Mobile Phone Stand & Tablet holder products have multiple functions including height adjustment and angle adjustment while it can be used as wall mount, desktop stand and floor stand. Three-in-one (3-in-1) phone & tablet holder stand / mount can be placed on horizontal surface. It also can be mounted against the wall or underneath the cabinet;Mobile Phone Floor Stand & Tablet Floor Holder not only allows users to set their hands free but transforms the stand to an interactive station.

Both products can be applied in various applications such as offices, reading rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, meeting space, reception or information desk, etc. Additionally, floor stand can be used for Youtube video recording or taking photo!

  • Flexible Angle Adjustment
  • Height Adjustable
  • Universal Mobile Size
  • Sturdy Stability
  • Broad Application Place