Control & Laboratory

Control & Laboratory

CDG manufactures products with care for specialists and experts in heavy duty scenarios like command room, control center and laboratories with multiple monitors mounted on diversified work tops. Regardless of the scale, multi tasking professionals can easily work with a number of the screens to get the best grip of the data analysis, design images or stock flows and the likes.

Monitor mount from CDG represents high quality arm bracket available on the market. We offering solutions from one to four, and six monitors and compatible with three types of arms, the type A, B and C. The mounting options include desk clamp and grommet base.

All of our monitor arms made from aluminum with sturdy structure, support up to six 24" monitors weighing up from 4.4 to 15.4 lbs (heavy duty version is optional) while suspend and swing effortlessly above the desktop. The monitor arm offers tilt, swivel, height adjustment, landscape rotation and cable management that make users work in a comfortable ergonomic position and streamline workspace easily. 

People spend tons of time with their computer to work nowadays, it is important to arrange computer monitor in a right position for you instead of the other way around. Reclaim your work space, improve productivity and health by adopting Monitor Mount!

Secure and fasten valuable monitor or dispaly onto any worktops to prevent accidental crashes.

Tilting angles can be adjusted upwards and downwards to cater for users' viewing experience.

Customized settings is easily achieved with 180° horizontal movement and 360° individual screen rotaiton.

Articulating arm structure helps to shorten or extend the viewing distance.

Space saving
Leaving worktop clean and easy to manage.

Easy installation
Apply the clamp or grommet base to the preset hole and fasten with screw. Job done.

Control & Laboratory Solutions